Introducing MAC: Look in a Box

Who doesn’t love MAC? There isn’t much up there on the ‘fun scale’ that can compete with spending an afternoon browsing MAC’s glorious makeup counters, having a tutorial, and sometimes even a mini makeover. 
We’ve all been there, we’ve had a beautiful look created by one of the talented MAC makeup artists, only to find out they’ve used 4 or 5 products which suddenly make that look a little more than we wanted to spend – “I only went in for a lipstick!”
MAC have introduced a nifty solutions to make this dilemma a thing of the past; Look in a Box.
As i’m sure you will have figured out by the name, MAC’s new Look in Box range means you can buy an affordable makeup look without breaking the bank. Each box contains a lip stick, lip gloss, eye shadow trio and a liner – in the perfect complementary shades. And best of all, all for the bargain price of £35.00!
They have a lovely selection of looks including: All About Pink, (our favourite) All About Coral and All About Nudes. In all there are 5 different colour boxes and two Brush in a Box kits.
Have you tried them? We’d love to know what you thought!

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