Review: Caudalie Lip Conditioner


Caudalie Lip Conditioner – £5.50 BUY HERE

What They Say:

For anyone looking for a nourishing, anti-ageing lip conditioner. Formulated with 99.5% naturally-derived ingredients, this beauty treatment for the lips repairs damaged lips after each application. Lip Conditioner contains a delicate vanilla scent with anti-oxidant properties; delivering nutrition and protection all day long.

What We Say:

We’re forever on the hunt for new lip balms even if there’s nothing wrong with the ones we have (and we have a lot!). 
We seemed to have a reoccurring fascination with lip products in TLBG HQ – and it would be a fair comment to say there’s an average of 2.3 lip balms per desk/drawer. It’s true, we’re quite the lip balm connoisseurs and it takes a lot to impress us.
I think most of us have experienced Caudalie in some shape or form in the team – be it a product at home or as part of a treatment in a salon. Knowing the quality of their other lotions and potions, we were expecting great things from this teeny white tube.
The product comes in a traditional lip balm tube with a twisting base. These are actually a lot more handy than the various tubs and pot you often see gracing the beauty shelves. They’re more hygienic and easier to apply without any mess (no finger dipping in sight!).
The balm is really soft and silky, it smells of delicate vanilla and glides effortless onto the lips. It feels like your skin is literally drinking up the hydration and your lips are left feeling soft, supple and wonderfully nourished.
In a Nutshell:
We felt this gentle lip balm was a thing of wonders. It lived up to the fabulous Caudalie name – offering the height of luxury with fantastic results.
After using Claudalie Lip Conditioner for only a few days we could notice the difference. Our lips were noticeably softer, more supple and the over all condition was better. 
We also think this lip balm is a complete bargain at £5.50, so what are you waiting for? 

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