Review: Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips


Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips – £11.50 (BUY HERE)

What They Say:

An extremely versatile healing and nourishing balm that was originally developed as a nipple balm for breastfeeding women because of its ultra-hydrating, ultra-thick, hypoallergenic & counter-irritant properties. Dr.Lipp has many benefits and is ideal not only for severely chapped lips but also for dry cuticles, feet, abrasions, minor incisions, and practically any extreme dry skin patches that need hydration, split ends, sore noses from blowing, eczema, babies’ bottoms, nipples and much, much more.

Dr.Lipp is also as a favourite kit essential among top celebrity make-up artists, the ‘original nipple balm for lips’ is used behind the scenes of many a photo shoot for extra-long lasting glossy lips, shiny eyelids and cheek bones, for neatening eyebrows, basic skin emergencies, mixing pigments, as a primer etc. Sometimes Dr.Lipp has even been used on leather shoes and handbags that need a quick polish!

Dr.Lipp is 100% pure and natural, tasteless and odourless, contains no parabens or fragrance and is approved by Ecocert France.  Made from 100% ultra-pure medical grade Lanolin, and harvested during the summer from Australian Sheep’s wool and cleansed of all impurities to make our ultra-pure ‘Queen’ of Lanolin.

What We Think:

Nipple balm? Yes peeps, we’re talking nipple balm today. This product got quite the blushes and interest from its name alone at TLBG HQ.  
We tried Dr. Lipp for a few different things after reading all the wonderful ways you can use it for.
The texture is thick, and it’s translucent (but has a really soft yellow tint to it). It also doesn’t smell of much either! The formula is really quite gloppy and sticky when you first squeeze it out of the tube. However, once the product warmed up on our hands it soon melted into a very soft balm. 
We highly recommend warming the tube up a little in your hands before trying to squeeze anything out, trust us, it really makes a difference! 
We tried this as a lip balm and a lip gloss. It was extremely good at both. No one in the office has extremely dry or chapped lips (what do you expect, it’s a beauty office??), but for those a little hydrated this stuff worked a wonder! It absorbs well and doesn’t feel oily. It kept our lips feeling moisturised for hours, and we really do mean hours!
As a lip gloss, this product also worked well. We mixed it up with our favourite lip sticks and were pleasantly surprised with the result. As the balm is colourless, it mixed beautifully with our lip sticks and kept the colour pure. It glided onto the lips and also stayed put a lot longer than your usual stick and wand glosses.
We also tried this on our cuticles and elbows, two areas well known for dehydration. Again, this product was lovely. It gave instant relief to the skin, with no irritation what so ever. After it was rubbed it, there was no sticky residue, just soft supple skin.
In A Nutshell:

We can see why this product is so popular with MUAs, it’s so multi-talented. It’s probably one of the most versatile balms we’ve come across to date. 
You don’t need to use much, as when the product warms a little goes a long, long way. So, although it’s £11.50 for a small tube, you’ll be using it for a very long time!
In our opinion, it’s a great product to have in your handbag, and a fantastic addition to anyone’s makeup kit!

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