Amanda Reviews: Ouish Boutique

Our wonderful blogger Amanda from Polish and Plates has been indulging in the gorgeous Ouish Range, in particular their delicious Bath Muffins. Here’s what she had to say…

A Ouish-ful Bath Experience 
Recently The Little Beauty Guide did a feature on an independent bath and body brand I know and love, Ouish.  I’ve had the unique opportunity to watch this brand launch, grow and get to know the founder over the last several months.  If you follow my blog you may have even read a recent article I wrote on how I use many of Ouish’s high quality products in my own personal skin care routine.

As a gift for recently moving into a new home Ouish was kind enough to send me the first of their un-subscription Bath Muffin Box.  What’s a Bath Muffin you ask? These Bath Muffins were developed by the founder at Ouish and contain her signature blend of all-natural ingredients.  They are a cross between a milk bath and a bath truffle, loaded with real cocoa butter and milk powder to soften your skin and baking soda for exfoliation and to detoxify. After a soak in your tub these Bath Muffins leave your skin luxuriously soft and heavenly scented.  Although these muffins are not large like a traditional bath bomb they are very dense and pack a real moisture punch in even the biggest bathtub. Don’t expect them to bubble though, they are meant as a silky bath!

Each Bath Muffin comes in a little pouch that is perfect for hanging over the faucet’s(taps) running water as your bath fills up! You can also place your muffin in the pouch and directly into the water instead.
Each Bath Muffin box is themed to perfection and this month’s theme was High Maintenance. The box included four fabulously luscious & sassy Bath Muffin scents fit for a Queen.  Scents in this month’s box included a beautiful, artsy card designed by Ouish’s founder :

There are more exciting things to come from Ouish too. Some upcoming products include a variety of Tub Teas, each of which will have a unique purpose such as bedtime tub tea, muscle soother and sinus relief just to name a few!  Another indulgent bath experience is also on the way with Ouish’s new Bath Marbles that will allow you to create your own cookies and cream bath experience! More to come on that!

Want to try one of these heavenly Bath Muffins or send someone you love a special gift? Hop over to Ouish’s website to order. Themed boxes are $25.00 and get free shipping. Individual Bath Muffins are also available in limited supply in select scents for $4.00 each. Be sure to stay up to date with product launches by following Ouish on Facebook and join in the conversation by joining the Ouish Boutique fan group!


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