Introducing Silk’n Glide

Over the last few days we’ve been teased with little windows of sunshine and glorious blue skies – a glimpse of  hotter days to come (or at least of our summer holidays abroad if England once again decides not to deliver!).

With the hot weather and sunshine comes shorts, bikinis and summer dresses. It also means we’ve got to make sure our feet are sandal ready and our bodies are hair-free and silky smooth.

Endless shaving and waxing are not only time consuming, they can also play havoc with your skin and that’s why today we’re introducing you to Silk’n Glide.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamt of heading off to a clinic to get our hairs lasered away – but with that luxury hair-free skin comes a hefty salon price tag – until now. The clever clogs at Silk’n Glide have brought out a fantastic, affordable at home HPL kit.

Silk’n Glide has been designed to facilitate the permanent reduction of hair growth that you can use at home!

It works by pulsing optical energy into the dark melanin pigment of the hair shaft. The optical energy is then transformed into heat which destroys the hair shaft and destroys the follicle permanently.

Instead of us blabbing on with all the science, here’s a video that explains it all…

Silk’n Glide promises to be safe and easy to use, and when the team at TLBG were offered to give it a go we couldn’t say no! Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be giving you a full review on Silk’n Glide, so stay tuned!

Have you tired alternative hair removal techniques? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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