Review: HJ Manicure Thunder Storm


HJ Manicure Thunder Storm – £9.50 [BUY HERE]
What They Say:

Thunder Storm is a soft cool grey/lilac nail polish, a flattering shade for all seasons and everyday wear. Thunder Storm nail polish is 5 FREE, easy to apply, quick drying and has a professional shiny finish. Apply a coat of HJ Manicure dual top & base coat, followed by 2 coats of colour, finish with a layer of HJ Manicure dual top and base for a perfect finish.
What We Think:

We can’t help but enjoy a lilac nail. There’s something about a pop of pastel colour then sends our moods sky high. 
HJ Manicure is a wonderful boutique nail polish brand which is completely cruelty free and vegan. Their non-toxic formulas are free of nasty chemicals, and irritants, which make them a great choice for sensitive skin. 
The polish has a good level of pigment, and you get a lovely solid colour in just two coats. There’s nothing worse than having a watery coloured nail polish that no matter how many layers you add, fails to build the beautiful solid colour that it promises.
The application was smooth and easy, the brush is a good size and the polish’s consistency means it brushes on well without being gloopy. The drying time was also very good, and each coat dried within a couple of minutes.
In terms of durability, the nail colour lasted a good few days before we experienced any chipping. Obviously, the longevity of your nail colour is dependant on your top coat and your job. If you’re in about out of water or doing something that involves your hands don’t expect your polish to keep up with you! We used our own top coats when we used this nail colour.
In A Nutshell:

We were really pleased with HJ Manicure’s performance. The colour is beautiful, and it lasted a good few days before there was any need for touch-ups.
It’s easy to apply and dries quickly. Being cruelty, vegan, and free of nasties were just additional benefits from this really versatile nail polish. We will be buying more!

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