Review: L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Shine Blonde


L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Shine Blonde – £10.99 [BUY HERE]

What They Say:

Bring back the colour clarity of blonde hair with this brightening shampoo. Enriched with Ceraflash technology, its violet micro-pigments helps neutralise unwanted yellow tones, while anti-hard water agents remove any impurities. Protect against brassiness. Brightness is restored.

What We Think:

Managing blonde hair in city smog and hard water areas can be a constant battle. Keeping your locks looking fresh and your colour vibrant takes more than a simple wash and go.

We all know that purple shampoos can help to brighten blondes and neutralise yellow brassy tones, but they often can strip the colour and dry your hair to a straw like texture.

L’Oreal Professionnel is a brand we all know and love. It’s used in many salons across the country and is always a top seller with our friends over at

We used this product on a few different shades of blonde, from light ash to warm honey and the results were great across them all. We used the shampoo on it’s own as part of our own personal hair-care regime. You can get a condition in the range too, but we used our own conditioners to see how the product rated on its own.

We used the formula once a week, and left it in our hair for a couple of minutes before rinsing it out and applying our conditioner. It’s a rich violet when you first squeeze it out of the bottle, but it soon lathers up to be almost white.

The product is hydrating for your hair, however as with all purple shampoos you really do need to use a condition after as it can leave your hair a little drier than normal. In terms of cleansing, it did also make your hair feel wonderfully clean and residue free.

In terms of the colour, it worked fabulously. It lifted away any brassiness leaving refreshed bight blonde tones as if we’d just left the salon. It really brought out our highlights and extended the life of our colour by an extra few weeks!

In A Nutshell: 

This product is a must for anyone living in the city, or in a highly polluted or hard water area. It was especially good on ashy blondes to keep their colour brighter and whiter and really banish away any unwanted yellow or brassy tones

You only need to use it once a week as it keeps your colour looking fresh for days after you’ve used it. It does need to be followed by a conditioner though, either your own or the one from the Shine Blonde range.

In terms of purple brightening shampoos, it’s definitely our favourite to date.


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