Festival Beauty: The Commandments

To make sure you survive the festival season we’ve put together the beauty commandments you all should be following. 

Whether your dancing the weekend away at Creamfields or rocking it out at Gastonbury, with our help and advice, you’ll be fresh, fragrant and ready for anything. Just don’t forget to pack your toothpaste…

Do braid your hair. Let’s be honest, nothing beats a freshly blow-dried barrnet, but a three day blow-dry is not a thing. Put your hair in to an easy to manage plait or braid to avoid flat and greasy locks from running wild, and perk it up with well-chosen accessories.
Don’t forget deodorant. Share the love not the odour. Ok, so showering might be a distant memory, but BO is a serious no no. Make sure you have some of the sturdy stuff to hand, and don’t forget your face wipes can double up as wet wipes for some under arm freshness.
Do remember to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is not fun. Your body and skin will take more than a little battering from the festival elements – and will need all the help it can get to stay hydrated and fresh.
Don’t forget hygiene! It’s definitely worth investing in some antibacterial hand sanitizer. Festival toilets. We don’t need to say any more. (Might be worth taking some tissue with you too, just in case…)
Do prepare! A lash tint and a gel mani are the perfect festivalgoers companion. Gel polish is chip-proof and will hide a multitude of sins (and dirt). A lash tint provides you with smudge free lashes all weekend long.
Don’t forget protection. Be it SPF or something, a little more personal, make sure you protect yourself. All you want to be taking home are great memories, not sunburn or with anything else beginning with an S…
Do pack light. Make sure you opt for multipurpose products. Rouge pots, dry shampoo, and tinted moisturisers will all help to reduce your baggage whilst still helping you to look good.

Don’t hold back! Festivals are all about letting go and expressing yourself. So don’t follow the crowd, don your metallic tattoos, up the glitter and just roll with the punches.

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