In Conversation With Richard Ward

We’ve been talking to celebrity hair stylist Richard Ward, owner of one of Chelsea’s favourite hair salons and founder of the wonderful ‘The Chelsea Collection‘ hair range, on styling the royal wedding, summer trends and more…

What made you decide to become a hair dresser?

My mum was a hairdresser and had two salons when I was little, so hairdressing was in my family. I grew up listening to exciting stories about the salon and constantly hearing about hair; the thought of doing something so creative in London really appealed to me.
What’s been the highlight of your hairdressing career?
Styling the Duchess of Cambridge’s hair for the Royal wedding in 2011 is definitely one of the highlights of my career – it was an incredible day!
You’ve had the pleasure of doing a lot of celebrity hair, who’s your most famous client?
I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many fantastic people, but the Duchess of Cambridge has to be my favourite; I have looked after her hair for nearly 10 years.
What’s the most creative/wackiest hair style you’ve ever been asked to do?
Working backstage on catwalks and shows, you often get asked to create very avant-garde styles; one of my favourites was for a Christian Dior show where I created a huge explosion of crazy but structured volumous curls.
In your opinion, what makes for a great stylist?
Have an open mind, a great attitude and great vision! If you go into this industry just looking for fame and celebrity it will never happen – you need to have a true passion for hair.
What’s your top tip for on-trend hair this summer?
Don’t be afraid to go shorter – the Lob is definitely still having its moment. Colour-wise this season it’s all about super glossy, natural-looking colour.
You’ve created a lovely brand of hair care products, which is your favourite?
We’re about to launch a brand new holistic Cleanse & Condition product in the Chelsea Collection range which is an incredible product. We tested it extensively in the salon before rolling it out and were just amazed at the results – it’s a versatile, multiple-use shampoo that’s free from any nasties and suitable for all hair types.
What’s the one hair care product or tool you couldn’t live without?
Just like skin needs moisturiser, hair needs to be kept hydrated and protected. I love serums – they can be used in a multitude of ways, from smoothing and moisturising to protecting hair against heat damage; The Chelsea Collection Argan Elixir, £5.99, is amazing for creating lustre and shine at the same time as protecting the hair from the elements.
What’s the best tip you can give our readers for healthier, happier hair?

Regular trims are so important. If left untreated, split ends can travel further up the hair shaft, resulting in dull, lacklustre hair and unnecessary breakage; a regular trip to the salon will ensure your hair stays healthy, gorgeous and looking its absolute best.

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