Introducing Pink&Green

Last week we were fortunate enough to meet the founder of a brand new beauty line, Pink&Green skincare. We were so inspired by her passion and products, that we wanted to share them with you.

Pink&Green is a gorgeous natural skincare brand that has been designed especially for women’s skin. Carol Aplin, the brains behind the brand, is a very experienced holistic therapist from Wiltshire, and through her brand she wanted to create something that was natural and caring for all skin types – but especially sensitive skin.

We spend a huge amount of time reading labels for our food, and being careful what we put inside our bodies, but it’s also important to know what your putting on your skin. Pink&Green contains no nasties, so if you’re cautious of your skincare this is a brand we’d highly recommend.

The lovely range cleanses, protects & rejuvenates with natural and organic ingredients accredited to the highest standards by the Soil Association. The ethics of the supply chain is also very important to Pink&Green– suppliers must care about the environment, their people and their products.
The collection is free from harsh chemicals and preservatives, so their products are perfect for sensitive skin. The formulas are made from heavenly smelling essential oil blends with hand-picked carrier oils to ensure they relax the mind as well as care for your skin.
We are huge fans of independent beauty brands, and this one is another little gem. It’s not just the product’s ingredients that have been lovingly put together, the packaging has also been carefully thought about. Each item comes in a beautiful glass bottle, and their subscription boxes are full of little treats.
We love Pink&Green’s facial oils (a review will come soon), and we’re especially excited about their Rose Water Toner Spritz. You can purchase the entire range, including cleansing oils, facial oils, bath & body oils, spritz and more, via their website here (and also from a few organic shops local to Wiltshire).
Have you tried the range? We’d love to know your thoughts! 


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