Review: Selexir Peace Balm


Selexir Peace Balm (15ml) £24.90 (BUY HERE)

What They Say:

SELEXIR Peace Balm is an intensive skincare based on 100% natural ingredients, with special attention to the needs of extremely dry, sensitive and irritated skin, suitable as a complementary cosmetic care for mild to moderate eczema.

With Peace Balm we have created a skin care product that takes care of your personal skin problems. Based on a unique formula of 21 highly concentrated, natural ingredients, the balm effects where your skin needs support, nourishes and soothes stressed skin and helps your skin to stay in balance. It strengthens the natural skin barrier and provides it with all essential nutrients and moisture.

Also available in 50ml and 75ml tubes.
What We Say:
We’re lucky here at TLBG that none of us suffer from any extreme skin conditions, but we were able to put this product to the test with some mild skin complaints and a pretty horrendous reaction to lash extensions.
This dermatologically tested cream is free of silicones, parabens, contaminants and mineral oils, so if like us, you’re careful about what you put on your skin, Peace Balm has that box checked. Now we’ve dealt with the nasties, what about the good stuff? Well, there’s a whole host of natural power-players in the mix, like Aloe Vera, Honey, Avocado, Shea Butter, Calendula, Lavender Oil and more, which work together to calm and bring ‘peace’ to unhappy skin.
We applied the product to extremely irritated skin with mild eczema (brought on by mountains of packing for a house move – fun!) and as already mentioned, a severe reaction to eyelash extensions. Straight out of the tube, the Peace Balm is thick rather than a light cream, but it absorbs well and instantly feels soothing. We’d liken it to placing a comfort blanket over your distressed skin – it sounds a bit silly, but that’s how it feels.
With our eczema the balm reduced the signs of irritation overnight. We went to bed having applied it to a patch of very sore, red skin and by the morning the redness and itchiness had gone! We’ve tried loads of different products to relieve this and none of them have come close to giving us these results. Using it frequently during eczema flare-ups, skin cleared up faster and we suffered far less discomfort than normal.
After a nasty reaction to lash extensions, Peace Balm was the only thing that helped to calm the delicate skin around the eye area which was terribly inflamed and puffy. The cream shouldn’t be applied directly to the eye, but we found it was totally safe to use while being careful not to get too close. We saw huge improvement each day and it genuinely proved a godsend in soothing the irritation and repairing the damaged skin.
In A Nutshell:
If you don’t suffer from any specific allergies or skin conditions, you might think that this product isn’t for you. We’d argue that it has a place in everyone’s beauty cabinet. At some point we all have angry skin; whether it’s from a shaving rash, dry skin, an insect bite or sunburn – when the time comes, you’re going to want some of this! Trust us.

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