Top Tips For Perfect Tanning


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard the fantastic news; this weekend is set to be hot – and we mean sizzling. Have your BBQ at the ready, and your sunglasses in reach, the sun is coming!

To ensure you don’t miss out on a single ray of potential bronzing, we’re sharing our top tanning tips for maximum impact (safely) that lasts.
Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!
This step isn’t just for fake tan lovers. By keeping your skin exfoliated you’ll boost your tan in no time at all. By removing all the old skin, you’re giving the sun an all-access-pass to your body You’ll ensure a deeper, more even tan that lasts longer. Also, your skin will absorb you lotion better, meaning it’s healthy, hydrated and ready to soak up the rays.
It’s a no brainier really, dry skin and sunshine are not a match made in heaven. The dryer your skin is the more likely you are to burn. Using a good body cream or butter will help feed your skin with all the nutrients it needs to help promote a healthy glow and pigment production.

And lets not forget, the happier your skin the happier your tan!

Protection, you need it.
It’s a fact, burning is not k k. To get a golden glow you should be doing everything in your power to avoid sunburn. Wearing an SPF doesn’t mean you wont get the colour you desire. What it does mean is that your tan will last longer and you’ll be causing far less damage to your skin.

Tanning creams (with SPF) contain hydrating ingredients and vitamins. They’re specifically design to make sure your skin is in the best condition possible to tan. And guess what, all that goodness means they’ll help you bronze faster!

A tan that is slowly achieved, using sun creams and lotions, will last a LOT longer than a one day wonder that will peel away to a distant memory. A tan’s for summer remember, not just the weekend.

So with the sun out for the weekend (and hopefully to stay), make sure you look after your skin and follow our advice for the perfect summer glow.

Do you have a favourite product? We’d love to know! 


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