Review: EcoTools Mini Essentials Brush Set

EcoTools Mini Essentials Brush Set – £5.99 (BUY HERE)
What They Say:
This summer, stick to the essentials and enhance your natural beauty with ecoTOOLS® and the must-have Mini Essentials Brush Set. This set of compact brushes are the ideal holiday companion. Not only do they enable you to add that sought-after shimmer and gorgeous glow (to show off sun-kissed skin), but the travel-size handles ensure they are convenient to carry on-the-go; so you can look and feel great wherever your dream destination.
What We Say:
If you’re not familiar with ecoTOOLS®, their whole ethos centres around Looking Beautiful and Living Beautifully. The brand is renowned for its soft, 100% cruelty-free, bamboo-handled cosmetic brushes and we can now see why.
For £5.99 our initial thought was that these brushes perhaps wouldn’t be the best quality – all gimmick and no substance, you know the type. Wrong. We were sold as soon as we removed the silky soft, full powder brush from its (eco friendly) packaging and swept it across our palm.
The set comprises the on-the-go necessities, 3 mini brushes (each sized around 9-10cms) which between them have you covered for shading, finishing and definition. There’s a gorgeous full powder brush, a well-proportioned eyeshadow shading brush and a firm angled liner brush…
Start with the full powder brush to create a flawless base with pressed or mineral powder. Use the eye shading brush to apply shadow along eyelid and crease, and highlight the brow bone. Add final definition with the angled liner brush by using the ultra-flat angled tip to line your eye with cream liner or shadow.
We’ve trialled this set for a month now (we’re nothing if not thorough!) and each brush has lasted incredibly well. It goes without saying that they need to be well looked after in order to keep the bristles at their best, but after 4 weeks of use, the bristle formation and subsequent make-up application are as good as when we first took them out of their box!
In A Nutshell:
They’re small, light, beautifully soft and absolutely perfect for travelling. What they lack in style compared to the glamour of Real Techniques’ Bold Metals collection, they more than make up for in quality and substance. We certainly won’t be travelling anywhere this summer (and beyond) without them.
P.S. Make sure you keep your brushes nice and clean with our Top Three Brush Cleansers feature.

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