Review: Eve Lom Cleanser


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What They Say:
Remarkable. Multi-purpose. Multi-award-winning. The original balm cleanser.

The EVE LOM Cleanser was described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’ and is the foundation of our skincare regime. It changed the face of cleansing and continues to, everywhere in the world we launch, being expertly balanced for all skin types, skin concerns and environmental conditions. With its signature blend of four aromatic plant oils, specially woven 100% cotton Muslin Cloth and quick routine, the result is incredibly glowing, radiant skin with a smoother, more refined texture. The difference can be seen instantly and just keeps on improving with use.

  • Deep cleanses without drying or stripping the skin and removes even the most stubborn of waterproof make-up
  • Thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation enables skin cells to regenerate quickly and provides a vital receptive base for beauty products to work at their best
  • Decongests and with the signature massage technique helps drain toxins
  • Exfoliates, tones, improves circulation when combined with the specially woven Muslin Cloth
  • Softens and conditions the skin
  • Visible benefits for all skin types
What We Say:

Nothing cleanses quite like a cleansing balm, and combined with a good quality muslin cloth, you’ve got a match made in heaven.

The texture of this balm is very thick and almost grainy when you first get it out of the pot. But as soon as it starts to warm up on your hands it melts into a wonderfully smooth balm.

The fragrance of the cleanser is gorgeous, as it heats up from your fingers you can really smell the scent of the aromatic plant oils.

To use the product, you just apply a small amount, warm it in your hands, and then massage it into your face and neck. The oils in the formula really work wonders to breakdown even the blackest of eye make-up. Following the application of the cleanser, you warm your muslin cloth with hot water, then lay it across your face. The heat of the cloth and the cleanser help to de-congest your skin and work deep into the pores. You can repeat this a couple of times for optimal results, then simply use the cloth to wash the product away.

The cleanser left our skin squeaky clean and incredibly soft. The muslin cloth helped to gently exfoliate our complexions to leave our skin glowing and radiant. After using this product for about a week there was a noticeable change; pores were tighter, skin was more even, and any dry patches were ancient history.

We used this on a variety of skin types, and it was gentle enough to use on all. It was even great on blemished prone skin too.

It is definitely a bed time cleanser, as it is a little to heavy for the morning. 

In A Nutshell:

We have to agree with Vogue on this one. This cleansing balm is simply fantastic. It’s a little more than some may want to spend, but it’s worth every single penny.


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