Review: Nip + Man After-Shave Power Lotion

Here’s one for Mr TLBG.
We’re big fans of pretty much the whole Nip + Fab product line, so we thought it was time to ask one of our resident males to give its brother range, Nip + Man a try. Here’s Craig Easton with the lowdown on a fantastic post-shave soother…

Product: Nip + Man After-Shave Power Lotion – £5.95 (BUY HERE)

What They Say:
After-Shave Power Lotion is a post-shave recovery lotion to calm razor irritation + heal dry, just-shaven skin.

This cooling, energising formula is designed to prevent inflammation, revitalise + moisturise the skin while soothing + healing common skin irritations caused by shaving.

Nip + Man’s cooling and soothing lotion is ideal for post shaven skin. Menthyl provides a long lasting cooling effect while Allantoin soothes and nourishes skin.

What We Say:
For the last seven months, I haven’t even had to contemplate using a product with the words ‘after-shave’ in the title, as I was busy cultivating a substantial beard.
I’ve always been a keen advocate of facial hair, but the very real possibility of being mistaken for a ‘too cool for school’ hipster, paired with a couple of impending job interviews, meant that it was time for some serious grooming in the facial hair department. Since it hadn’t seen the light of day for such a long time, I thought my skin should be treated with some extra TLC – a perfect opportunity to test Nip + Man’s After-Shave Power Lotion.
For those who aren’t already in the know, Nip + Man is a relatively new range of male grooming products from Maria Hatzistefanis’ successful Nip + Fab stable.
Once I’d dealt with the bulk of the beard using clippers on decreasing levels, I had a very close wet shave with a new blade and my usual shaving gel. After rinsing my face several times with cold water, I patted dry with a soft towel and applied the after-shave lotion.
With some post-shave products, there’s often a harsh stinging sensation for the first few seconds, similar to what you get when splashing on some of your Dad’s Brut straight after shaving (see Home Alone). But not here. Immediately, I could feel a gentle cooling effect which soothed the skin, especially the sensitive areas on my neck and under my chin where I had a touch of razor burn – not surprising after my soft skin had become used to having an almost Wookiee-esque protection of fur for so long!
The corners of my mouth and the area immediately below my bottom lip are susceptible to dryness after a wet shave, but these felt really well hydrated and I actually continued to use the lotion to moisturise there for the following two or three days. 
I’m not a massive fan of the clean-shaven look. In fact, my wife thinks that after a proper shave I look like I’m wearing a rubber mask, unfortunately, I have to agree with her. But somehow this lotion seemed to tone down that shininess and actually gave my face a more matte appearance which I really liked. There’s also the added bonus that the lotion has a fresh and subtle scent, reminiscent of spearmint Softmints, my mint of choice.
In A Nutshell:
An excellent product that does exactly what you want without it being too harsh on your skin. Whether you’re getting rid of your mountain man face fur, or shaving on a daily basis, you’re going to want this lotion to soothe and nourish that delicate skin underneath.

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