Top 5 American Beauty Brands

In honour of it being American Independence day, we thought it would be fitting to bring you our top 5 American beauty make-up brands. Thanks to the world wide web, we can internet shop to our hearts content without even stepping foot on a plane. However, if you’re travelling across the pond soon, be prepared for an overwhelming array of fantastic make-up brands…


A solid favourite of TLBG team, NYX offers a truly incredible range of professional make-up products at very affordable prices. With almost every colour of the rainbow available, it’s a great brand for creative artists or those wanting to get more experimental with their make-up.


Let’s be honest, the highlight for any Brit travelling to the USA is a trip to Sephora (or a trip to Europe), why they haven’t opened stores all across the UK we do not know. Seriously, why haven’t they?

There were crazy little dances of joy across the UK when they announced international shipping. Not only do they stock all our favourite brands, their own brand Sephora Collection is also pretty special too.


Tarte is always top of our state-side shopping list, with eco-friendly products that have been packaged to perfection, you feel just happy showing off your collection as you do applying it to your skin. From clay baked bronzers to lovely lip butters, their range is definitely worth a splurge.


A truly luxurious make-up range. We are forever lusting over limited edition palettes and statement lipsticks. If you’ve got the cash to splash, then this American line is worth an investment. What we love about Marc Jacobs’ beauty line is that you’re not just paying for the name, you’re also purchasing some very good make-up products too.


Any brow fans will already be very familiar with Anasatsia. Renowned for some of the best brow and contour products on the market, this brand has been popping up in make-up kits all around the world. Their little pots of pigment are great for perfecting the ultimate brow shape, and their range of colours is just what you’d expect from a high-end beauty line.

Are there any make-up brands you love? We only had room for 5 today, but perhaps there’s a brand that you discovered or can’t wait to try, if so let us know!


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