Natalie Reivews: Gina Conway Privé

I’ll let you into a secret – I’m lazy when it comes to beauty. I realised this the hard way, having bleached half my tresses to jump on the pastel hair trend, only to realise ice cream-coloured dyes last all of a couple of days before fading. Colouring one’s locks every other day? Unthinkable. Same goes for facial cleanser – if it needs to be washed off, I’m not interested (thank goodness for Bioderma Créaline).
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pampering from time to time. But if I could cut out the time it takes me to trek to the salon for that haircut/blowdry/manicure/bikini wax, I would. And that’s where Gina ConwayPrivé comes in. The luxury London salon’s ingenious service delivers expert treatments – from makeup application to massages – to your home, office or even hotel. Fellow lazy beauty fans, rejoice.
For the sake of scientific research, I simply had to try it out for myself and Little Beauty Guide’s esteemed readers. (I love my job.) So when the LBG’s editor Emily extended an invite from Privé to have a pre-show treatment before watching Miss Saigon at the Prince Edward Theatre, I happily obliged.
Upon arriving at the Soho institution, I was swept up into one of the theatre’s backstage rooms and offered a menu of tempting treatments. After deliberating a manicure or head massage, I decided on a makeup refresh (having been rushing between meetings all day, I was looking a little worse for wear). My very own makeup artist, the ultra glamorous Michele Hier, began work on my unconcealed dark circles and mascara-less lashes. My approach to choosing a makeup look is rather like selecting a meal from a restaurant menu – opt for something you can’t DIY. Left to my own devices, a smoky eye can look more scary than sultry, so I requested just that. Michele blended chocolate-toned shadows, working with my hooded lids with expert ease.

After only 20 minutes in the chair, my face was suitably attired for a night at the theatre, lids smoked and not a trace of under-eye circles. I hopped over to the auditorium next door to watch a stellar performance of Miss Saigon (even my musical-loathing boyfriend was converted). And then onto cocktails, because you know, a smoky eye this good simply can’t be wasted on an early night.
For more information on Gina Conway Privé or to book you can visit their website here.

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