Review: Paul Mitchell Bonus Bag Strength


Paul Mitchell Bonus Bag Strength (contains shampoo & conditioner) £22.95 [BUY HERE]

What They Say:


Mild, colour-safe surfactants gently cleanse and repair damaged strands, enhancing hair’s look and feel.

Super Strong Complex rebuilds hair from within, while conditioning agents improve texture and add shine.

Helps protect and prevent further damage.


Colour-safe formula repairs and protects worn-down locks, leaving hair soft, smooth and moisturized.

Super Strong Complex rebuilds the internal structure of hair, while canola, soybean and cornstarch soften and smooth.

Helps shield strands from damaging UV rays.

What We Say:
Using a good shampoo and conditioner is a must for everyone. Your hair is the accessory you wear EVERY day, so skimping on your hair care should never be even a notion.
To celebrate 35 years of hair care excellence, the team at Paul Mitchell have brought our these extra value bonus bags. Each bag contains a shampoo and a conditioner. From moisture to strength, and blondes to brunettes, there’s a bag made for every hair type.
The Paul Mitchell Bonus Bags are exceptional value, and you get two full sized products included inside.
We have been fans of Paul Mitchell’s haircare for a very long time, so we were extremely happy to be testing and reviewing their birthday bags.
In this review, we will be focusing on the strength range. 
Firstly, let’s just point out how lovely the packaging is! These bottles will stand tall and proud in any bathroom. They are clean, simple and stylish.
We tried the shampoo and conditioner together, as recommended, and we can’t but shout about how good they are. The shampoo lathers up to a gentle foam and is not at all harsh – meaning it works well with coloured hair as well as natural. It smells fresh and clean too.
The conditioner is rich and creamy. When applied to wet hair, and left for a few minuets, you’re left with incredibly soft and nourished locks. We instantly noticed when blow drying our hair felt less tangled and stronger. 
Once blow dried it was obvious the difference in our hair, it was like it had been given a boost of strength and moisture. It looked healthier and thicker. Dry ends, that were badly in need of a trim, were given a new lease of life. It was a very happy hair day indeed.
Our hair felt fresh and light throughout the day. There was no build up and, importantly, it didn’t make our hair feel greasier either. 
Using the product for a few days saw a healthy shine to our lengths, and less brush breakage too. For a strength building shampoo and conditioner duo, Paul Mitchell delivers well above expectation. 
In A Nutshell:

Our hair was happy, our purse was happy, we were happy. This great value duo really gave us stronger healthier hair and the TLC it needed.

Thank you Paul Mitchell, for such happy hair days.


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