Weekend Wish List – Do You Even Lift Bro?

Do you even lift bro?
Daniel Flay reveals his top 10 grooming essentials for your post-workout washbag.
Whether you’re planning on hitting the weights or pounding the treadmill, perfecting an aftercare routine is just as important as composing a kick-ass gym playlist.
In order to look as good as you feel after your next workout, give the following products a go…


1. Bb.Texture Creme- £22.50 (BUY HERE)
Bumble and Bumble Texture Creme is ideal for quickly styling wet hair after a post-gym shower. Simply work the product through damp hair to achieve an effortlessly cool, low-key look that will see you through the day.
2. Superdrug Deodorant Foot Spray – £1.99 (BUY HERE)
If you’re prone to foot odour this handy pocket sized spray is a must-have for effectively freshening-up and deodorising sweaty feet. Its convenient size means it will easily fit in your gym bag, while its fresh blend of lemon and tea tree is guaranteed to cool and soothe aching feet.
3. Recipe for Men Facial Moisturiser – £26.00 (BUY HERE)
Red, puffy skin is normal after a workout but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it. Luckily, it’s nothing that a caffeine fix can’t solve…and we’re not talking about a visit to your local Starbucks. This particular facial moisturiser uses caffeine to reduce puffiness and nourish post-workout skin. Ingredients like ginger and cinnamon also help to eliminate excess oil, for shine-free complexion.
4. Nip + Man Power Workout Fix – £9.95 (BUY HERE)
Power Workout Fix is the ultimate gym bag essential. If leg day has taken its toll, this muscle warming serum will quickly and effectively de-stress your body and sooth tired muscles. How? We hear you cry? MAGIC. SCIENCE.
5. Bobble Bottle Sport – £10.00 (BUY HERE)
Being properly hydrated can mean the difference between a great gym session and a mediocre one, so it’s important to drink water before, during, and after working out. The Bobble Bottle Sport not only looks cool but it provides great tasting, filtered water on-the-go.
6. Dirty Springwash – £15.95 (BUY HERE)
If you’re in need of a post-workout boost this refreshing LUSH shower gel is the perfect way to awaken your senses. From the moment that you step in the shower, the natural formula invigorates and cleanses the skin, leaving you feeling alert and energised for the day ahead. Be warned though, mint is renowned for making skin tingle, so use sparingly in *ahem intimate areas.
7. Lynx Secure Anti-Dandruff 2-in-1 Shampoo – £3.69 (BUY HERE)
Lynx’s 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff shampoo is a real time-saver, especially if you’re squeezing in an early morning gym session before work.
8. Braun Mobile Shaver – £17.99 (BUY HERE)
Unless you you’re able to multi-task and shave in the shower, generally it isn’t possible to wet shave after a workout. Which is why this Mobile Shaver by Braun is a handy alternative. Not only will it keep your locker-room grooming routine short, sweet, and on-point but the compact design means that it will easily slot into your washbag.
9. Nike Air Zoo Elite 8 – £100.00 (BUY HERE)
Girl, you’ve got to be tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day.
10. L’Oreal Men Expert Deodorant Fresh Extreme – £2.69 (BUY HERE)
There’s no arguing with this wash bag essential – if you’re working up a sweat in the gym, then you’re going to need to protect your pits and use some serious antiperspirant deodorant.




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