Beauty Buzz: Easy on the Eyes

When a new beauty book hits the shelves, or pages of Amazon, we are first in line to find out more. It took a mere post on Instagram to get us giddy for the launch of Lisa Potter-Dixon’s first book; easy on the eyes.

If you don’t know Lisa, and you’re a make-up fan, then you should be slapping your wrists. Lisa is the head make-up and trend artist for none other than Benefit cosmetics.

“The art of applying modern make-up is a subtle skill, and one that many professionals claim to successfully achieve but in reality few do. Lisa Potter-Dixon, however, always manages to get it right.”  – Editor-in-Chief of Elle, Lorraine Candy

Her fabulous new book gives you everything you need, bar the products, to create almost every eye creation that you can conjure up. From liner-flicks to dazzling gems, and smokey eyes to applying false lashes. If it’s to do with eye make-up then you’ll find it in Lisa’s book.

We of course pre-ordered the book, and it was delivered through our letter boxes this Sunday just gone. Yes, you heard right, it arrived on a Sunday! Life is good when there is such a thing as as Sunday delivery.

The book introduces you to eye make-up, from preparing the perfect base to concealing blemishes and dark circles. It shows you step-by-step in easy to follow instructions, with a mixture of photos and illustrations, how to transform your eyes. We love that Lisa teaches us the importance of preparing your skin and not just applying the make-up; to “prep, prime and perfect your skin to enhance your natural beauty”.

Of course, being the head make-up and trend artist at Benefit, expect to find a LOT of benefit products used throughout the book’s pages. The book’s aim is to give you a host of different looks to try in 5, 10, and 30 mins. Meaning that no matter how long or short the amount of time you have to get ready, you’ll find an achievable look.

We think Lisa has really hit the mark with this book and can’t wait to see what other ones follow. You can purchase the book directly from Amazon here.

Do you have a favourite beauty book? We’d love to know in the comments below…


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