Fashion Week Beauty Survival

Fashion Week is a hectic cocktail of shows, after parties, launches and other stylish shindigs. It’s a time when we rely too heavily on caffeine fixes and heavy-duty concealer to take us through to the bitter sweet end. 

For those of you lucky enough to be putting bums on seats at one of this season’s SS16 shows, we’ve put together the top products you need to ensure you come out of fashion week fresh as a daisy (or at least somewhat resembling what you were like before). You can thank us after.

The Facial Spritz

First on our list is one of our all time favourites for on-duty maintenance. Caudalie makes their cult beauty mist in a handbag-ready size of 30ml. This little savour is the perfect mid-show pick-me-up; offering to refresh your mind as well as your make-up with it’s delicious ingredients of grape, orange blossom and organic balm mint.

This anti-dull complexion spritz will ensure your face looks and feels radiant whilst it tightens those pores and gives you that just applied foundation look. It’s also a firm favourite of Mrs Beckham so we know it’s a good’en.

The Multitasking Lippie
The key to surviving fashion week isn’t carrying your entire make-up bag along with you. Whilst you still want to look fabulous you don’t want the kitchen sink weighing you down. This is why picking a few essential multitasking products will be a complete lifesaver – and help you to avoid over-packed handbags and aching shoulders. 
This is where Lancome’s Shine Lover lipstick comes in. Its rich moisturising formula gives you the care of a balm with a gorgeous pop of colour. It comes in a great range of shades, from berries to nudes, and pinks to plumbs, making it a great little accessory for your Fashion Week wardrobe.
The Cover Up

Late nights and long days take their toll – especially around your eye area. A coverup is thee answer to your make-up prayers during a busy Fashion Week. When you don’t have time to apply a fresh face, a concealer will give your eyes an instant boost and blur away any pimples that have rudely shown up uninvited. 
The holy grail of all coverup, NARS’s creamy concealer will help you hide a multitude of sins, late nights, and one to many G&Ts. It’s hydrating lightweight formula means it’s perfect for covering up pretty much anything. Blemishes, under eye circles, you name it, it’ll cover it. This product is our daily life savour – not just for Fashion Week.

The Anti-Shine
There’s a very big difference between dewy skin and oily shine, and the latter is something to avoid at all costs. To ensure your skin looks just the right level of matte, and not that your attempt at strobing went horribly wrong, make sure you take a shimmer free touch-up powder along for the fashion ride. 
Post-shows and pre-parties, a pressed powder is your new best friend. This gorgeous pale yellow compact from Bobbi Brown will help to take the shine away as well as reduce any redness. It’s pressed and compact meaning there’s no chance of powder spillage; it’s neat, tidy, and slips discreetly into your bag.

So there you have it, our top beauty staples to help carry you through Fashion Week, keep you fresh, radiant and looking groomed to perfection.

But don’t forget your breath mints, blister plasters and of course your emergency iPhone charger…


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