Review: NARS Audacious Mascara


NARS Audacious Mascara £21.00 [BUY HERE]

What They Say:

Intensity for the making. Control for the taking. From instant definition to blindsiding impact, every layer multiplies. Amplifies. Mesmerises.

Designed with over 200 moulded bristles and lengthening hooks, NARS’ lash-catching brush evenly grips and coats lashes from roots to tips. Simultaneously separates, lengthens, and amplifies. Its tapered tip finishes off the inner and outer reaches of your imagination, while enhancing lower lashes.
An extraordinary balance of suppleness with staying power, this uniquely fluid first-to-market formula offers extreme build-ability. Lightweight. Long-wearing.

What We Say:
A new mascara is always something to get us hyped-up at TLBG HQ. Who doesn’t wish for perfectly full and voluptuous lashes?

When NARS announced their new Audacious mascara we were definitely keen to know more. The brush has been designed to hook your lashes when it’s applied to ensure an even and full coating of product. The ‘hooking’ concept was a new one to us so we were eager to have a go.

The mascara itself is great. The formula is very black and the product isn’t clumpy at all. It got top marks from us in both of these areas.

The wand however, really had the team divided. The brush is actually pretty big. Which means, if you have small eyes, it can be quite tricky to use. Those who had bigger eyes and fuller lashes seemed to really love the brush and all its 200 perfectly moulded bristles.

Those who didn’t have quite so much to play with were left feeling rather lash-less. It’s not one to make lashes from nothing. If you’re in the short club, we found the hooks a little scratchy and, without the length to comb through, our lashes stuck together. There was no divide and conquer here.

In A Nutshell:

This mascara makes already long and full lashes look even better; it lifts and coats them to individual perfection. However, for those more lash-challenged, this mascara didn’t do a whole lot of good.

In our opinion, there are cheaper mascaras that do a better job and cater for more people. Sorry NARS, it’s only a 3 from us for this one.


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