The Beauty Bag Edit

Who doesn’t love a new make-up or cosmetic purse? There’s something about that newly unzipped bag; it’s crisp and clean – a bit like new socks or freshly pressed sheets. They make us feel a little bit smug. 

It doesn’t take much to tarnish a cosmetic bag. A broken blusher, a loose lid or a well-bronzed kabuki brush – they’re all equal culprits for stained and soiled fabrics. And, as most are ‘wipe clean only’ it can be hard to bring them back to their former glory. Inevitably, we just look for a new bag to keep our make-up organised and our addiction happy.

A make-up bag can say a lot about a person. From perfect leather pouches, to stain-proof PVC, there’s a bag for everyone – and everything for that matter. Whether you’re a classic beauty, a designer diva or you just can’t get enough of dogs in glasses, there’s a purse for you all.

Here are our top picks for creating cosmetic harmony and lovingly holding your favourite beauty essentials…

The Classic – Liberty £125
The Designer – House of Fraser £65
The Novelty – John Lewis £16
The Icon – Charlote Tilbury £15
The Girly – Boots £10
Do you have a favourite make-up bag? We’d love to know in the comments below…

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