Beauty Buzz: Aromatherapy Associates for Liberty

This week we received a very special invite from none other than our favourite department store Liberty London, to celebrate the launch of a very exciting collaboration; Aromatherapy Associates for Liberty.

Let’s be honest, this is a match made in beauty heaven. Two of our favourite British brands coming together to create something very wonderful indeed. If you know Liberty as well as we do, you’ll know how beautifully adorned their beauty halls are. They sell only the best and most luxurious beauty and skincare products. It’s like an Aladdin’s cave of beauty wonders. We could spend hours buying browsing their exclusive collections of perfumes, creams and make-up.
Obviously, Aromatherapy Associates feel the same way about Liberty as we do – which is how their latest bath and shower oil was born; Clear Mind.
As the pattern design experts, Liberty have created the most attractive packaging for the new oil. It features a soft lilac print from their AW03 collection named ‘Genevieve’. The flowers depicted within the design charmingly represent the oil’s precious ingredients.
Clear Mind has been created to harness and inspire a sense of mindfulness. Aromatherapy Associates only use the highest quality and purest essential oils in their collections – which is why they’ve become a solid favourite at TLBG. A single capful of their indulgent oil dropped into your bath tub makes for the most magnificent of bathing experiences. The calming aromas of their carefully formulate elixirs are just dreamy and our small suburban bathrooms are instantly transformed into little havens of relaxation (how much do you want a bath right now?).
The Clear Mind oil’s ingredients have been thoughtfully selected to bring you peace of mind in the hectic busy world of today. Camomile has been chosen for its calming, soothing and comforting properties, frankincense for its ability to encourage deep breathing and spiritual awareness, and palmarosa for its cleansing and circulatory stimulation. Bergamot was also added to uplift and revive the mind.
We love this new oil and the fact that it’s been made with Liberty in mind makes us fall even harder. Its stimulating and mind clearing fragrance makes us feel happily giddy and in need of a long hot soak.

Aromatherapy Associates for Liberty is exclusively available at Liberty from the 1st of October and will be more widely available thereafter. You can buy it here.


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