Lush Christmas 2015

Chai spice lattes. Crackling fireplaces. Warm woolly knits.

You don’t need to sell us on the joys of winter, we’re already there! But for the non-enthusiasts amongst us, thankfully there is encouragement in beauty product form. Lush’s much anticipated Winter 2015 range looks set to take the edge off the frosty mornings and darker evenings in the lead up to the festive period.
We were invited to the launch of the new range down at Lush’s Oxford Street store, a three storey haven of wacky and wonderful innovations covering all things bath and body.

Alongside the return of some well loved Christmas classics like the stimulating cinnamon oil Cinders bath bomb (with popping candy!) and the gleefully pink, sparkly, candy floss scented Snow Fairy shower gel, there are new products that will have you hot footing it to the bathroom faster than you can say “Jingle Bells”.
Yog Nog bath bomb promises to scent your soak with spicy clove, soothing soya yoghurt and sensual ylang-ylang, while the Bar Humbug bubble bar will soothe even the scroogiest of Scrooges with a liquorice fragranced mound of cleansing tarragon and fennel bubbles.
As always the gift selection available is spectacular, with an assortment that ranges from the under £10 (perfect for that awkward secret Santa in the office) to an extravaganza of all things Lush, aptly titled the Wow! gift set (£175.00).
In the frenzy of gift giving, it can be easy to forget the negative effects that the excessive use of packaging can have on the environment but Lush have ensured as always, that all of their products come in recycled and recyclable packaging, with paper and ribbon that have been sourced from community projects around the world.
Better still, the use of knot wraps at Lush negate the need for any throw away packaging at all. Based on the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki (the art of wrapping in fabric), knot wraps can be re-used again and again, with many of the beautiful festive designs this year being printed on Greenspun fabric, a revolutionary cloth that is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles.

So it may be still be dark when your alarm goes off, you may be scraping ice off your car, you may be queueing for longer than seems logically possible to buy the latest must have Christmas pressie, but by George, you will smell amazing doing it.
The Lush Winter 2015 collection is available in stores now.

-Abi Tranckle

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