The Cleanser Edit: Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin can be a constant battle. Redness, dryness and irritation are an everyday occurrence for those that suffer. The key to managing sensitive skin is using products that don’t contain irritants and that are as natural as possible.

As fellow suffers from sensitive skin, we’ve put together three of our all time favourite cleansers that are perfect for sensitivity. You can wave goodbye to tight skin and redness and say hello to clean, hydrated happy skin.

The soap-free simplicity of perfectly pH balanced ingredients creates a beautifully mild, non-stripping cleanser. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Harakeke Flax Extract provide anti-bacterial benefits and gently remove makeup and skin debris without irritation, even on very dry or sensitive skin.
The one-two punch of living a stressful lifestyle and subjecting your skin to erratic weather can deplete moisture levels, leaving it irritable, dry and extremely delicate. A dream come true for skin in distress, this intensely comforting cream cleanser floods your complexion with replenishing extracts and natural moisturisers, while pure Icelandic glacial waters soften and soothe–all while dissolving dirt, oil and even your most stubborn make-up.
A gentle yet effective balm to wipe away impurities and make-up, resulting in a clean, smooth and fresh complexion. A caring blend of Omega rich oils ensure that your skin is cleansed and hydrated, while liquorice and camomile leave your skin feeling calm and soothed.


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