Weekend Wish List – Black Beauty

We’re guessing that you’ve probably come across activated charcoal in the world of health and beauty by now. It’s been incredibly popular over the last year or so, making the stuff pretty unavoidable. But in case you haven’t, you might be wondering why you would want this mysterious black powder instilled in to your regime?

In short, charcoal acts like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt. In beauty/grooming terms, this means that the oil and debris clogging up the pores in your skin will stick to the charcoal and then wash away down the plughole when you rinse. Good riddance we say.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can just pick a lump of coal out of the barbie or fireplace and rub it on your face (come on now, you’re better than that), it’s not the same. Activated charcoal is proper cosmetic grade goodness and it’s readily available used in everything from face masks and scrubs to dental care. Better still, lots of the products are unisex, so charcoal is a great way to get your manly man into skincare!

We’ve picked out a few of the products we’d most like to add to our coal-lection…

1. Sephora Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Papers – $8.00 (BUY HERE)

Simply blot skin with these little sheets to leave it looking matte and feeling refreshed without any pesky residue.

2. Pure Konjac Puff Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal – £7.99 (BUY HERE)

The fibrous structure of this sponge gently exfoliates everyday dirt and make-up build-up, while bamboo charcoal counteracts excess sebum and helps combat acne bacteria with its’ anti-oxidant properties.

3. Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask – £23.00 (BUY HERE)

A mattifying mask which absorbs oil, impurities and environmental pollutants to help detoxify and refine skin.

4. LUSH Coalface Facial Soap – £5.35 (BUY HERE)

A gentle soap which absorbs oil, cleans and clears skin. It’s made with antiseptic rosewood, sandalwood, and absorbent charcoal and can be used on both face and body.

5. The Body Shop Spa of the World Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay – £16.00 (BUY HERE)

With bamboo charcoal from The Himalayas, this purifying clay body mask removes impurities and softens skin for a deeply cleansed feel.

6. SMOKE Willow Charcoal Eyeliner & Shadow – £4.64 (BUY HERE)

A 100% natural lead free kohl powder made by hand from activated willow tree charcoal.

7. LUSH Dark Angels Cleanser – £6.95 (BUY HERE)

A fabulous cleaner for oily skin. Dark Angels is made with black sugar and Dorset charcoal to exfoliate, rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse, cold pressed avocado oil and vegetable glycerine to moisturise and soften, plus sandalwood and rosewood oils to cool the skin.

8. Origins Clear Improvement Purifying Charcoal Body Wash – £19.00 (BUY HERE)

Bamboo charcoal helps deep clean the daily build up, dirt and debris, while Origins’ 100% natural essential oil blend of clove and wintergreen leaves skin feeling perfectly pure and completely refreshed.

9. Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Toothpaste – £4.99 (BUY HERE)

Activated charcoal in this whitening toothpaste helps to combat bad breath. Low in abrasion, Perfect White toothpaste helps remove surface and deep stains, to brighten, lighten and whiten your teeth.

10. Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush in White – £7.50 (BUY HERE)

Binchotan charcoal is blended into each bristle of this toothbrush to help give off negative ions, deodorise and remove plaque, prevent bad breath and reduce harmful bacteria from growing within the brush.


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