Laura’s top 5 Drug Store Buys: Skincare

In Laura’s latest feature she’s given us her top 5 drugstore skincare buys – so you can look and feel beautiful without spending a fortune!

Skincare is so important and finding the right products that work for you, even more so. It’s even better when all of them are affordable and easily accessible from the drugstore. Today I’m going to share with you my top 5 products, which I constantly repurchase and have used for many years or a long period of time. The amazing thing about each of these products is that they are all below £10 – so you can definitely try some of these things out hopefully after having read this post and without breaking your bank account.
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula £4.15 
Available from Superdrug (BUY HERE)
This is by far my most favourite body butter from the drugstore. It’s an excellent product for those with dry skin and need the extra nourishment. Of course I can’t forget to mention the gorgeous cocoa butter scent, which will have you smelling like a chocolate truffle for hours on end. Its nourishing formula is paraben and phthalate free and contains ingredients such as, coconut oil, palm oil and cocoa seed butter. I’ve used this for years on end and I just can’t stop myself from repurchasing. It’s a definite must-have in my skincare routine!
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Comb/Sensitive Skins £4.99 
Available from Boots (BUY HERE)
Finding a product that removes both facial make-up and heavy duty smokey eyes can be a tricky one. Well, that was until I discovered Garnier’s fabulous micellar cleansing water. I much prefer this formula because the original really irritated my skin, this green capped version doesn’t break me out and any other sensitive skinned gals should definitely give this one a try if you’ve had a similar experience. It feels very soothing and gentle and there’s no need for extreme massage to get it to work. It gently dissolves make-up and leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth. It’s also paraben free, which is always an added bonus.
Nivea Pure & Natural Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream £8.89 
Available from Superdrug (BUY HERE)
Although I’m not particularly concerned with wrinkles or anti-ageing, the quality of this moisturiser is outstanding. It feels very hydrating and contains gorgeous ingredients such as Argan Oil and Burdock fruit. It’s also paraben, silicone, mineral oil and colourant free so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on to your skin. It’s very soothing and cooling and is the best budget night cream I have ever used. It’s suitable for sensitive and acne prone skins like mine with the addition of Argan oil, which we all know has some serious healing properties.

Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Body Wash £2.59 
Available from Superdrug (BUY HERE)
Prepare to have the creamiest most luxurious shower of your life. Dove has won me over with their beautiful range of creamy body washes and there isn’t a single scent that I don’t like. I have sworn by this product for almost 4 years now and I just can’t get enough. I have little meltdowns if I somehow run out but most of the times have a stock of 3 or 4 in my shower. These are the best body washes I have tried and I don’t think I’ll ever stop using them. My absolute favourite scents are the Shea butter with Warm Vanilla and the Almond Cream with hibiscus. They leave your skin super soft which means you can totally skip moisturising afterwards, should you need too.
Nivea Smooth Nourishing Anti- Dryness Hand Cream £3.49 
Available from Boots (BUY HERE)

If you’re looking an affordable but good quality hand cream then I totally recommend the Nivea smooth Nourishing for dry skin. It really helps my nails to grow, prevent hangnails and keeps my hands baby soft. I apply this every single night before I nod off and it doesn’t feel greasy. In fact, it has more of a film texture, rather than heavy weight grease. You can feel that there’s something on your hands but not so much that you would cover yourself in hand cream while you sleep. I absolutely love it and the scent is so lovely.
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