Review: Milk_Shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo & Conditioner


milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo & Conditioner from £12.99 each [BUY HERE]

What They Say:

milk_shake sweet camomile shampoo
With a delicate SLES free formula, specifically formulated to revive highlights, enhancing the brilliance and vibrancy of blonde hair. The camomile extract and organic honey in its formula act to soften hair and revive blonde highlights. Suitable for frequent use and recommended also for children.

milk_shake sweet camomile conditioner
It has a paraben free formula with softening and detangling action. Revives highlights, enhances the shine and brilliance of blonde hair, and increases manageability. Its formula combines organic camomile extract, renowned for its lightening properties, with organic honey, prized for its nourishing properties, making the hair incredibly soft and silky with brilliant highlights.

What We Say:

First off, this shampoo and condition smells AMAZING. Sorry, we just had to get that off our chests. It’s got the wonderfully calming scent of camomile and it’s simply scrumptious.

The shampoo is a lovely consistency, it leathers up just the right amount and leaves hair clean and light. Hair is hydrated and cleansed. It removes any dulling build up and leaves hair bright and vibrant.

We used the shampoo with the conditioner as advised which was truly a match made in heaven. The conditioner ensured our locks were soft and tangle free. Our hair was healthy, shiny and best of all not weighed down by any unsightly residue. Our hair also stayed clean and manageable for days – and the fragrance stayed too (result!).

In a Nutshell:

This shampoo and conditioner is a must for any one with blonde hair. The camomile will ensure your hair is kept bright and healthy and as we said, it smells incredible too!


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