Review: Selexir Peace Bath


Selexir Peace Bath – £29.90 (BUY HERE)

What They Say:

The bath additive for stressed and sensitive skin.

These pampering Bath Salts are a light in the dark for those in need of greater serenity…

  • Promotes well-being and restores and strengthens the bio-energy field
  • Softens and nourishes the skin
  • Beneficial for the treatment of eczema and psoriasis

Imbued with rich healing minerals, they restore balance to body and mind, strengthen wellbeing and revealing skin’s soft youthful glow. After a stressful day the perfect well-being treatment for body and skin, feels instantly supple and refreshed. Also suitable as special bath for specific skin problems such as eczema or itching.

The base is the exclusive Serenity Seed Complex, enriched with magnesium chloride. This impacts stress-relieve, anti-inflammation and provides the skin with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
What We Say:
This lovely tub of bath salts arrived at TLBG HQ to great anticipation. Yes, we’re being serious. Anyone who suffers from frequent skin allergies or irritation will know the joy potential relief can bring. Even better, we had two products to try out, which meant the chances of success were doubled. Result!
First up was the Peace Balm. If you haven’t already read our review, click here to have a nose. Since it was written, the product has become a mainstay in our everyday beauty essentials.
On to the Peace Bath…
As with the Peace Balm review, we must point out that we don’t suffer from any ‘extreme’ skin conditions. But, we are often cursed with mild to angry bouts of eczema. So keep in mind that this is just OUR take, based on OUR icky patches. Results will obviously vary depending on your own personal skin complaint.
The unscented salts can be used in a couple of different ways; as a full-body bath supplement, or as a localised soak for specific body parts. This means that you can be really frugal with the product if you only need to treat small areas (great for us). Otherwise you’ll get around 10 baths worth from the 300g tub – so we’re talking £3 per treatment. Which, if it’s effective on your unhappy skin, is pretty darn acceptable.
Because we didn’t need to ‘treat’ the whole body, it seemed a bit of a waste to immerse ourselves fully each time. As long as you can soak the required area for 15 – 20 mins (think feet, hands, elbows even), you can fill a basin with hot water and figure out the correct amount of powder to dissolve. In saying that, your skin will feel lovely if you bathe in the soothing water, so it’s still worth doing from time to time!
So what about the results? After bathing/soaking, the irritated areas had calmed, they were no longer dry and flaky and were feeling way better. Repeating this over a number of days really did help to take away the horrible tightness and start to heal the skin, just as we’d hoped it would.
In A Nutshell:
Magnesium chloride is well known in the skincare world for its effective healing properties. This, combined with Selexir’s special Serenity Seed Complex, produces a soothing and highly effective soak.
Peace Bath managed to calm our unhappy, itchy skin and it’s definitely something we’ll turn to when eczema strikes. Using it with the Peace Balm hits those pesky irritations with a double whammy, bringing fast and effective relief.

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