S.O.S Skincare

Sometimes we all need a little SOS when it comes to our skincare. If you’re after a product to save you form a multitude of sins then you need Sudocrem in your cupboards (no we aren’t high, you really do need this in your beauty lives).

We’re sure most of you are already familiar with this little pot of wonder. But for those that haven’t added it to their skincare emergency kit, you’ll probably recognise it as the age old nappy cream from your youth or childhood.
Sudocrem actually has a whole host of uses, not just for nappy rash. It has amazing antiseptic properties and helps to reduce irritation too.
It case you haven’t figured it our yet; we love Sudocrem – and here are just some the reasons why…
If you suffer from acne or breakouts, just whack pop a blob on overnight and wake up to see the results. Now, it’s not a miracle cream, so it won’t make them vanish before your very eyes (does anything?), but the ingredients help to stop infections and aid in healing so you’ll see great results and vast improvements the next day.
It may not be sexy going to bed with white blobs on your face, but it really does help to reduce those pesky blemishes.
It’s one of those things that lots of use live with, in varying degrees. It’s a very annoying dry skin condition that can make your skin feel itchy and uncomfortable. Sudocrem is a great product to reach for when you’re skin’s feeling irritated. Of course, it’s not a prescription medicine and we always recommend seeking medical advice if you have severe rash or flair up. But for those days when you need a little soothing to your skin, Sudocrem is the go to.
If you’ve not been on top of your SPF *stern judging look* and your after sun just isn’t cutting it then reach for your Sudocrem. It’s cooling, healing and just gives your skin the TLC is needs after a beating from the sunshine. It’s got gentle anesthetic properties so as well as helping to heal it also helps to ease the discomfort.
However, our advice on this one is simple. Don’t get burnt in the first place!

Are you a Sudocrem junkie too? What do you use it for? We’d love to know in the comments below…

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