Beauty Buzz: DR Jackson’s

Beauty Buzz: DR Jackson's
In our latest Beauty Buzz, Abi Trankle is introducing us to DR Jackson’s…
Dr Jackson is a pharmacognosist. What on God’s green earth is a pharmacognosist? I hear you mumble incoherently as you struggle to pronounce it (my spell-check is going into overdrive FYI…). 
Pharmacognosy is the study of medicines that are derived from natural sources and for the last twenty years, Dr Simon Jackson has been scouring the globe in search of the very best of these all natural extracts and oils to cram into his new line of skincare products. 
We were invited down to Liberty London for an audience with the man himself to celebrate the launch of his new counter in the Beauty Hall. 
The range consists of 7 products including creams for day and night, a facial oil, a face and eye essence (trendy), a face wash and body gel. All products are presented in traditional looking amber glass bottles which not only prevent the natural ingredients from breaking down, but also look totally minimalist-cool on your bathroom shelf. I feel a #shelfie* coming on… 
Alongside the usual lotions and potions is a selection of herbal teas. Available in loose leaf and 100% biodegradable tea bags, the teas are designed to treat from within, featuring the same high quality level of natural ingredients as the topical applications. 
One of the stand out products in the range is the 03 Face Oil (£55 RRP for 50ml) which combines 4 main naturally derived active ingredients: Baobob oil for smoothing the skin and improved elasticity, Marula oil to moisturise, Calendula Flower extract for its anti-inflammatory properties, and Arnica Flower extract for its healing quality. As a rich facial oil, this is perfect for the winter weather – to nourish skin that is feeling the negative effects of the never-ending cold air/central heating cycle. 
A recent addition to the brand is their Expedition pack (£35 RRP) which features handy miniatures of the day and night creams and face oil, together with a herbal tea bagThis set is perfect for travel, sampling or gifting, with all you need to keep skin hydrated and healthy from AM to PM. 
So, in amongst the chaos of Christmas, take some time for yourself. Pop on the kettle, slather on some of Dr Jackson’s botanical based beauty produce, while supping on your herbal tea and repeat after me…pharmacognosist 
T +44 (0) 2077341234 
 *#shelfie – a photo taken to show off what is on one’s shelf 
Wow! How trendy-cool and photogenic do my beauty products look right now, all natural and casually arranged? Quick, let me take a #shelfie!” 
By Abi Trankle

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