Beauty Buzz: H&M Launch Conscious Beauty


We already know that H&M have been working hard to make themselves more of a conscious brand – right down to their ‘shut door policy’ and their ethical clothing range. And now, H&M are adding beauty to their mission with the launch of a new organic conscious beauty range – in minimalistic recycled and recyclable packaging. They don’t just look good – they are good!
The new line includes haircare, skincare and bodycare and is all certified organic. With products like dry shampoo, aluminium free deodorant and tinted lip balms, they’ve created some great beauty essentials!

“We already offer conscious choices with our fashion collections so it is natural for us to have the same offering within our beauty collection,” said H&M Beauty concept designer, Sara Wallander. “We always aim to develop our products to high and responsible standards in both materials and production. With the Conscious range we have taken this philosophy even further. We are very proud to now be able to offer organic beauty to our customers.”

If you’re looking to make a change with your beauty buying and take more care with what you’re purchasing – from an ethical and organic stance – then this new range will offer you just that. Let’s be honest, ethical standards shouldn’t just stop at chocolate, coffee and clothing.
What are your thoughts on H&M’s new range? – will you be switching?

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