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We love a good candle when it comes to winter. Ok, who are we kidding? We love a candle all year round.

Winter nights or lazy summer bathing, candles are the perfect answer to creating a wonderful ambiance and filling the air with gorgeous scents. They also make great gifts.

A few weeks ago we were kindly sent some beautiful goodies from & Other Stories, and amongst the lovely items was this candle trio. And oh my, what a trio it is. So good in fact, that we wanted to dedicate an entire post to them – and that is saying something.

They are of course beautifully presented in a simplistic white box and each candle is in it’s very own ceramic pot with a matte paper label, and tied with string. Visually these little bundles of scented joy look immaculate. Clean lines, crisp fonts and minimalistic perfection. Would you expect anything less form & Other Stories? – we wouldn’t!

Each candle in the set has a unique colour and fragrance that leave the lingering notes of Paris and Stockholm as the gently burn. With floral elements, woody notes and spicy undertones, these candles fill your home with an immensely relaxing intoxication of scent. Heavenly.

The candle set is priced at £29, which for three candles is pretty fantastic if you ask us. If you fancy a treat or you’re looking for a gift, these come with TLBG seal of approval.


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