5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

If you’re one of those people, who effortlessly manages to give up gin for January, red wine for lent, and all things resembling the slightest hint of chocolate at the drop of a hat, then we salute you – because we are not one of those people.

Amongst the haze of fitness fanatics, and salad queens that clog up our social feeds in the first few months of the new year, I read one bit of advice that has, somehow, managed to stay with me – by some miracle I may add. And that’s to make a small addition to your regime. That’s right, to try adding something to your lifestyle – who’d have thought it hey?

Apparently, it’s a lot easier to add to your routine rather than to take away – we’re creatures of habit after all! This doesn’t mean, however, that we shouldn’t consume less sugar and drink less (and by this I mean less coffee as well as cocktails – guilty), and shouldn’t workout more. It just means taking a (baby) step in the right direction. I think they call it progress…

So, the only question was, what to add? After careful deliberation, I’ve decided it was about time I drank more water – I drink nowhere near the recommended 8 glasses a day. It’s not expensive and it’s readily available to us, thankfully. It’s also the secret, accordingly to some of the world’s most beautiful women, to glowing skin and looking younger – yes, I’m sold!

Fancy joining us (me) on the challenge? Here’s 5 very good reasons why you should…

Healthier Skin

We all want that ‘glow factor’ when it comes to our skin – you know that one we keep reading about – but you need a healthy inside to glow on the outside. Drinking water helps to flush toxins and keep your body hydrated. These all impact on your skin (it is 64% water after all), and help to keep our complexions glowing.

Increased Energy

It’s been proven, time and time again, that dehydration can play a huge factor when it comes to fatigue. Upping your water consumption will help you to stay focused, stay energised and keep you going all day (obviously with the addition of food). If you aren’t a huge fan of H2O, then chop up some fresh fruit, mint and cucumber and make a tasty infused water without any nasties.

Helps Weight Management

According to research, drinking water can actually help with weight management. No, it’s not a miracle cure – you’ll have to put some effort in too. But, in a study that was published in the Journal Obesity (2010), dieters that had a bottle of water before each meal lost more weight than those who didn’t. We all know that thirst can sometimes be masked as hunger, and drinking water with a meal makes you feel fuller. So it makes sense really!

Improved Kidney Function

Now it might not sound as appealing as glowing skin. But our kidneys play a vital role, they help us to rid our bodies of toxins – and by drinking lots of water we can ensure they are working efficiently. Call it your internal flush if you like, but you need to consume enough fluid to make sure everything is ticking over nicely. A healthy kidney is a happy kidney.

Brain Booster

There was a reason you were allowed to take water into your exams – and it wasn’t just to calm your nerves. Drinking water can actually help you think clearer. Several studies have been done and they show a clear link between being well-hydrated and archiving better results. Meaning, drinking more water can help you to concentrate better and stay focused for longer and therefore improve your productivity. Win Win.

To make the challenge that little bit easier (dare I call it a challenge?), i’ve just invested in a new bkr water bottle. Something to have on my desk, take on the commute and keep me hydrated all day long. Their intuitive design makes them echo friendly; they’re made of glass and silicone and are completely phthalate-free – which means you can wave goodbye to plastic bottles once and for all (they even fit in most car cup holders). Don’t worry, if you’re a bit of a klutz, they sell spare parts, incase you have one of those ‘moments’. Also for me, having a bottle of water to hand at my desk saves me from going the whole 2 mins downstairs to get water – I know, lazy is my middle name, but it feels so far away!

In case you were wondering, this post was not in collaboration or in anyway connected with bkr, they were chosen purely on aesthetics and my personal opinion, lucky them.

Fancy a new water bottle too? I opted for ELLE (the rose pink one), obvs. You can shop bkr here. Of course, you can use any old water bottle or large glass really! But anyone who knows me well knows; any excuse for a new purchase.



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