Beauty Buzz: Paul Mitchell No Animal Testing


Everyday, like most, I walk into my bathroom with a soft fluffy towel in hand, a hair turban, and more often than not my frumpy (but faithful) dressing gown. It’s a size too big and even has a hood – when it comes to robes it’s right up there with the best. OK, hold on, I do own a few delicate satin and silk kimonos and even the odd lace trimmed wrap too – before you label me one of those long-term relationship gals, you know, that’s got ‘too comfy’. I like to channel my inner Holly Golightly as much as the next girl – but somehow when it comes to everyday showering, the Bhs mint fluffy gown trumps them all (Oh, and by the way, if you don’t own a hair turban –you need to seriously have a word with yourself). Anyway, I digress…

So, back to my morning. I turn my shower on to let the water run warm up before I jump in. I unscrew the lid of my cleansing balm and massage it into my skin – then cleanser in place, I get into my shower. 
I let the warm water soak my hair and soak my flannel before removing every last residue of my morning cleanse. Next, I reach for my shampoo, I squirt probably a little too much into my hands and lather up. For me, this time is when I like to think about my day ahead – even my week ahead – and I’m sure I’m not the only one either. But, when you’re washing your hair, do you stop to think about the journey your hair product’s made before its reached your head? 
Unfortunately we so often don’t stop to think, not as much as we should, and I’ll be the first to admit that. Maybe you’ve looked for parabens or other ingredients the industry is telling us to avoid but do you think about how your products were approved fit for human use?
I’m sure you’re already familiar with the professional luxury hair brand Paul Mitchell. If you’ve set foot in more than one high-end salon then it’s likely your hair’s been treated to a wash and condition from one of his fabulous formulas. They cater for all hair types, conditions and colours, and leave your hair soft, shiny and strong. But, did you know that this luxe beauty brand, used by elite salons across the country was also the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing? You probably didn’t – but now you do, and 35 years later, the brand’s pledge remains the same.

Paul Mitchell has always been, and will always be, cruelty-free. They’ve never tested on animals and never will, it’s part of their identity. Which, in my opinion is a pretty amazing thing and why, when I reach for my shampoo in the shower, I can enjoy the lather and tangle free rinse, and think about my week ahead, because I know my hair care is made by a brand that cares. Can you?




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