Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

There’s no one quite like Mum – is there? She’s always there when you need her and if she isn’t you know she would be if she could. Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s also always there when you don’t want her to be too (although that was more as a teen – when you didn’t want to be around anyone, let along an ‘oldie’).
With Mother’s Day only days away, it’s time to get mushy with greeting cards (courtesy of M&S, obvs), spend a fortune on marked up flowers (damn you consumerism), and find the perfect present to show you care – and what better way to say thanks Mum than with some TLC and pampering? Nope, that’s pretty much the best present any women can have – and don’t forget she may be your Mum but she is also a women.
To help you on your gift buying quest, we’ve put together some fabulous gift ideas especially for Mums – no matter what her age is (yes they’d be just as good for Grandma too!). Everything we’ve included is available to buy online too – so you can save time shopping and spend that extra quality time with your Mum.
Gift buying is all about the little luxuries – you know the stuff you never buy yourself. Dior’s rather glam lipbalm is just that; a little luxury to pop in her handbag to make applying balm a treat.

Lavender-her-up with a gorgeous gift set from SoapNSkin – their wonderful natural ingredients make a great option for a Mum who loves relaxing scents and caring products.

Move over macaroons, LUSH has brought out a calorie-free Bubbleroon –  which is just as sweet! Tempt your Mum into a calming bath with a Rose Jam delight.
Why not try something to share? Bobbi’s Nourishing Mask is perfect for both young and mature skin, it gives your complexion a boost of moisture for smoother plumper skin. Book a date in your diary and enjoy a pamper session together – because time together is priceless.
This perfume is a classic – and it smells as divine as Rosie HW looks. You’ll be on to a winner with this one – no question of it.
OK, so this is one of those presents for Mum that’s also for you – just make sure you give her the time to read it before you ‘long-term’ borrow it. It’s a great gift for Mums that want to know more about beauty – and a really great Sunday read.
For the hero Mums out there – this great value Soaper Woman gift set is perfect. They can pamper their inner strength and get ready to take on the next rescue mission.
Founded and created by the Editor of Elle, No. 22 candles smell as lovely as they look – and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a candle? Their stylish design also makes for a great home addition.
Everyone love a mirror – and this cute little compact can even have your Mum’s initials embossed on it. There’s nothing like a bit of personalisation to make a perfect gift.



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