H&M Beauty: The Verdict


High street fashion brands turning their hand to beauty – what’s our opinion? (Think New Look, Accessorize and H&M).

If we’re going to be honest, ours is pretty spilt *input cheesy Marmite comparison* – and no it’s not our inner snob making an appearance, well not really…

Who doesn’t love to save money? Don’t lie. We ALL love saving money. But, when it comes to make-up does buying a cheaper brand mean you’re getting something less, well, effective or even damaging?

Personally, I’m a sucker for high-end beauty. I read and hang on every last word that so elegantly embraces the products’ minimalist label. But, that’s not to say I haven’t been left penniless and with a mound of sticky mess on my face, that might as well have been fairy liquid.

Over the last few years more and more of our favourite high-street fashion brands have been dipping their Shellac’ed toes into the business of beauty – and when we say beauty it’s mainly make-up that’s been popping up amongst their ever crammed shelves – and always near their tills. Have you noticed that too? Although, until late we’ve been more inclined to pick up the bag of strawberry laces than the garishly packaged florescent-pink sparkly lip ‘something’ that alway sit in abundance (obviously, we are not alone in our thoughts here).

There seems to be a bit of a taboo for some people with high-street brands. Saying that, a lot of people wouldn’t think twice about popping into H&M and spending £2.99 on a basic white T-shirt. For a lot of us with make-up we assume cheap and ‘not so cheerful’ – and that it must be packed full of mineral oil and cheap fillers – which isn’t always the case.

Don’t be fooled, you’re just as likely to find luxury brands full of exactly the same stuff. Go on, read the ingredients on your £30 lipstick, we dare you!

Anyway, ingredients aside, as that is not the focus of today’s post. Today I want to talk about H&M, again. Yes I have a bit of thing, ok?

At the end of last year, there was as huge buzz in the beauty sphere when H&M announced they were ditching their cheapo-looking (sorry it was) make-up range and launching a brand new beauty offering – which included some premium products (without the premium price tag, we may add). And, best of all the packaging has lost it’s bling and now showcases sleek cream, nautical navy and polished gold (although it is still a little plasticy…).

I’ve had my hands on a few products over the last few months and today; I wanted to share with you my verdict of the products I’ve been testing out…


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