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Sensationail Gel Starter Kit Pink Chiffon £69.99 [BUY HERE]

What they say:

The SensatioNail™ Pink Chiffon gel nail starter kit includes everything you need to prep and complete up to 10 salon quality gel nail polish manicures at home; that will last up to 2 weeks with no chipping, smudging, cracks or dulling!

What We Say:

There is nothing worse than chipped nail polish. It’s always one of the first things we notice about someone. Now, this could be down to our crazy obsession for all things beauty and even the smallest chance of discovering a new product, or new nail colour, but, if you’ve got chipped nails we’re going to notice.

The gel manicure has been around for quite a few years now – and what a game changer it is! Finally, a product that offers us 14 days of chip-proof bliss.

Now we are no stranger to the nail salon, having tired a lot of different gel brands. But, until recently we’d never even thought about doing it ourselves – surely you need years of intense training to be able to create such chip-proof joy? Well apparently not.

Sensationail is a really affordable gel nail kit for use at home. It costs a mere £69.99 for the starter kit that includes a lamp, primer, base & top coat and a gel cleanser. It also comes with one colour to get you started. The starter kit promises to supply you with 10 salon worthy manicures – which by our calculation is £6.99 per go (I know, we’re mathematics geniuses, aren’t we?).

The bottles that are included in the kit are smaller than those sold separately, but still, £6.99 per manicure rates pretty well in our eyes.

The website offers video tutorials on how to use the kit – and it comes with some good old fashion instructions too. And you know what? It’s so easy to use. I mean like really easy.

The gel polish lasts about two weeks – as promised. There are a great selection of colours – although the bottles are still only small (not as small as the starter one mind you), the quality is also great.

You simply cleanse your nail, apply the primer, add the base coat, cure in the lamp, add colour, cure again, repeat until colour depth has been reached, then top coat and cure. To finish, a quick wipe of cleanser and a dash of cuticle oil. Easy as can be.

In a Nutshell:

This kit is a great at-home gel solution. It’s not expensive and it offers great results. They have lots of offers on the nail colours too – so it’s not too expensive to stock up on the shades that catch your eye either.

The product has a gorgeous high shine finished (you can buy matte too) and stays chip-free for weeks. For £6.99 you can’t go wrong. The only reason we didn’t award Sensationail the full 5 stars is because it’s pretty hard to remove – and also for us, it’s pretty hard painting our own left hand. Obviously we need more practice!


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