Weekend Wish List: Fabulous Faces


We love nothing better than a full-on lazy weekend. Lying in bed, reading blogs, watching videos, catching up on our latest Netflix addiction, long hot baths and of course, face masks.

As January is all about ‘making changes for the better’, to make us happier and healthier, what better time to invest in a new face mask? A good face mask can make your skin glow, your mood glow and add glow to just about everything. They are diet friendly, they can help you to relax, and can make your skin look a million times better. From a couple of pounds to a fair few bucks, the are lots of different masks for all budgets and skin types.

This week, in our wish list, we’re looking at those detoxing masks that will really pack a punch and leave your skin looking and feeling clean and clear. With ingredients like clay and Witch Hazel, there’ll help to rid your skin of oil, dirt and impurities.

Here are the detoxing face masks current sitting in our wish list…






1. LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Mask – £6.75 [BUY HERE]

This great mask is affordable and natural. It’s packed with clearing ingredients to.

2. Bobbi Brown Instant Detox Mask – £33.00 [BUY HERE]

Out this week, the new Instant Detox Mask from Bobbi Brown is one of three new masks to hit their shelves. This one promises an instant detox.

3. The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask – £11.00 [BUY HERE]

Full of sea minerals and clay, the Body Shop’s warming mask heats up as you rub it on to really reach deep into your pores – for the ultimate clean factor.

4. H&M Witch Hazel Mask – £1.99 [BUY HERE]

The most affordable product in this week’s list, H&M are now selling these cute face mask pods. This one is perfect for oily skin and is packed with Witch Hazel to help clear congestion.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask – £45.00 [BUY HERE]

By no means cheap – but by all means fabulous. The infamous Charlotte Tilbury mask is the secret to red carpet glamour. It’s a great mask to apply before a night out.

6. Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment Mask – £45.00 [BUY HERE]

One of a range, this Glam Glow mask is great for clearing problematic skin. It contains a host of bacteria fighting ingredients and has received some truly fantastic reviews.


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