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Today we are taking a look into the make-up bag of Emily Margaret – see what goodies are in her collection here…

Hello lovelies! I’m Emily and write a photography and lifestyle blog, Emily Margaret. As a photographer, I love sharing the tips and tricks I’ve learned from my friends in the beauty industry with my clients. I also have started incorporating them into my own daily routine because who doesn’t want to look camera-ready for all the photos we post on social media?

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My makeup bag is a Trina cosmetics bag. I love it because it’s big enough to hold all my favorite products without being too big and is easy to wipe clean (because it’s just a fact of life that eye shadows spill!).

The product that I think makes the biggest difference is primer, because it smooths out the skin and gives that “Instagram filter” look. The Smashbox Photo Finish primer is my favorite because it’s long-wearing and has a lovely velvety finish. I personally use the clear version, but it also comes in several colors to counteract any redness or discoloration.

After primer comes Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream in Light/Medium. I use this on a daily basis because it’s not too heavy, and gives me enough coverage while letting my skin and freckles breathe, and has SPF. Sometimes for photos we’re tempted to use more foundation to cover up, but I find that using less coverage and filling in the gaps with concealer works better. My current favorite concealer is the NYX Cosmetics HD concealer in the shade CW02 Fair.

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Next is the eyes, which I think is the most important feature to highlight if you’re being photographed. I rotate between using my two favorite palettes- Maybelline’s The Blushed Nudes palette and the Smashbox Full Exposure travel palette. Both are great neutrals that can be both everyday looks and transition nicely into deeper bold looks. The brush I use is the EcoTools Bamboo Eye Shading Brush. It’s stiff enough for applying color but also soft enough for blending.

To help my eyes pop more, using mascara and liner is a must. Even though I have long lashes, they’re pretty fine. I love pairing L’Oreal’s Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eye Liner and Million Lashes Mascara, both in black. This mascara has been my favorite for several years now and the waterproof kind is pretty much bulletproof. To finish off, I run some Nyx Cosmetics Tinted Brow Mascara through my brows. I naturally have full brows but they usually need a bit of taming and this keeps them in place while adding just a touch of color. I used to think that doing your brows was too much trouble and that it didn’t make that much difference, but ever since I started using brow mascara I’ve had people comment on my brows, so I’m now a convert!

Lastly, I add a bit of color with my Urban Decay Naked palette in the Flushed color, using the highlighter and blush on my cheeks. If you haven’t noticed already, I love using palettes because they give you so many options and are easy to throw into a bag for photoshoots or travelling.

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So that’s my everyday camera-ready look! Thanks for taking a peek inside of my makeup bag with me. What are some of your must-have products?

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