Sweat-Proof Make-up

We all love it when the sun is shining and the sky’s a brilliant shade of blue. Out come the shades, and the gin, over ice with tonic and lemon. There is one thing, however, that we are not loving in the hotter summer months and that’s sweat. Make-up and heat are never the best of friends.

Heat can cause make-up to move around, and slide about, in warm weather. But, I guess, if you live in the UK you’re ok, summer has been and gone… hasn’t it? It sure feels like it has.

There are four key steps to sweat-proof make-up. Follow these and you’ll be free of over-heated foundation and the dreaded sweaty top lip, we hope.

Step One is primer. Apply your primer to cleansed and moisturised skin. This helps to control excess sebum and keep your make-up fixed in place all day long.
Here are our top picks for summer primers:

Step Two is pick a mattifying foundation. Apply this over your primer and enjoy shine free freshness. These great products are great at keeping sweat at bay. They have oil absorbing qualities and staying power. Perfect for hot humid days.
Here are some great matte foundations for all budgets:
Step Three set your foundation with an good powder. Investing in a quality powder is an obvious step in keeping that flawless complexion in place. It helps to reduce oil and sets your foundation to keep it firmly on your face – exactly where you want it.
These great powders will keep your skin looking great, all summer long:
Step Four it’s not just foundation that runs, mascara can too! Grab yourself a waterproof mascara to ensure panda eyes are a thing of your teens, and a distant memory like those all night house parties.
Waterproof mascara doesn’t just save you from rain, tears or the sea, It can help keep your lashes perfectly defined and flaired, even on the hottest of summer days.
Here are some great mascaras for the summer and the rest of the seasons:
Do you have a top sweat-proof make-up tip? We’d love to know in the comments below…

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