Hair Care Indulgence with Marula Oil

Hair Care Indulgence with Marula Oil

Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves; a little indulgence to help nurture and restore our minds, bodies and souls. A little while back when were feeling in need of some much needed ‘me’ time; a little parcel of pure indulgence landed on our doorstep…

Thanks to the team at Paul Mitchell, we had the pleasured of testing out their glorious range of luxury hair products; MarulaOil.

Now most of us are familiar with Argan oil, but have you heard of Marula oil? Marula oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruits of the African Marula trees, and it has similar properties to Argan oil  (although apparently it contains 50% more protective antioxidants).

This luxury line from Paul Mitchell contains wild-harvested cold-pressed oil (which helps to preserve its superior quality and nutrients, according to those in the know). Marula oil contains a high concentration of nutrients and oleic acids to help hydrate, repair and moisturise hair. In other-words, this stuff is like a luxury spa day for your locks.

Firstly, let’s talk about the products – oh my gosh the products. You know those tv commercials that show those lust-worthy super models – with shiny looking hair catching the light as the blissful model swooshes her barnet around in slow motion? Well that’s not fair off what these beautifully packaged bottles offer you. The nourishing quality of the formulas leaves your hair feeling soft, silky, strong and very healthy. There is no weight or residue added, just wonderfully soft and happy hair. Also, have you seen the packaging? That is some serious 5star action going on right there with their sleek, minimal design; white bottles, black lids and a little dash of eye-catching gold, *input sigh of perfection contentment*. If any products were bathroom display worthy, these are your guys.

The range contains a wonderfully hydrating shampoo and conditioner, a repairing hair mask and a normal and light hair oil – of which the hair mask was probably one of our top hair products of all time. A really great mid-week treat to give your hair that added va va voom.

All in all the MarulaOil range from Paul Mitchell more than gets our thumbs up – it gets our purses open to repurchase, replenish, and even gift to our loved ones. If you’re looking for some gifting inspo, or a few little stocking fillers, these would be just the trick – we promise you.

Find out more and see the complete range here.



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