Review: MAC Lip Conditioner

M.A.C Lip Conditioner – £11.50 [BUY HERE]
What They Say:

An emollient balm aimed at maxing-out repair by conditioning lips, locking in moisture. Contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamins A and E. Formulated for high impact to use alone or under lipstick. Petroleum-based, but not goopy, helps seal in moisture to protect the lips from the environment.
What We Say:

As we’re sure you’ve figured out, the team at TLBG HQ are big lip product fans, and this lip conditioner from MAC makes us very happy indeed.
It’s easy to apply, you can place it straight onto your lips for no fuss no mess, or you can dab it onto your fingers if you prefer the hands-on approach.
The product is richly hydrating and makes an ideal base for applying your favourite lip product. It instantly restores moisture levels and helps to blur out dehydrated wrinkles, leaving a soft smooth lip behind.
It contains lots of lovely ingredients including Avocado Extract and Almond Oil – both very well-known for the vitamin content and hydration properties.
MAC lip conditioner isn’t sticky either, although it can give the appearance of a clear gloss, it doesn’t keep your lips shiny. You can mix it with your lipsticks to make them a little glossier, but the main purpose of this product is to give you wonderfully smooth lips.
In A Nutshell:

Another home run for MAC with this one. We are smitten. It restores your lips to their former glory, and provides the perfect base for your lip colour. Top notch, if you ask us.

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