Review: Soap N Skin Bath Salts


When the lovely team at Soap N Skin told us about their brand new Himalayan Bath Salt range we knew we had to get out hands on it! Here’s how we got on.


Lavender & Lime with Calendula Oil Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts £8.00 (Buy Here)

What They Say:

Bliss is just a soak away…

These pink Himalayan bath salts have been infused with lavender, lime & calendula oils. Topped with dried lavender buds, these salts create a wonderfully detoxing and relaxing bath soak.

What We Think

Being the bath time advocates that we are, we love to use products to make bathing even more of a relaxing treat. From bubble bath to indulgent oils, if it makes our bath tubs resemble a spa retreat then we’re totally sold.

Bath salts are one of those products that we’ve used before but perhaps don’t usually reach for as much as we should – that was until we discovered these gorgeous infused salts from Soap N Skin.

As you’d expect if you’ve ever used a product from Soap N Skin, the first thing you’ll notice when you untwist the lid is the beautiful fragrance that greets you. A calming aroma of lavender with a hint of refreshing lime makes you instantly feel like you’re in for something that little bit special.

Himalayan salts have developed a growing reputation in skincare, and also cooking, due to their mineral rich formula which helps to promote a healthy PH balance – perfect for skin.

These salts have been given a wonderful lift from the addition of the carefully selected essential oils. Once a couple of spoons of salt were scattered into a hot running bath the steam soon took on the spa like essence of utter bliss and transformed our moods instantly.

During our bath we enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing soak. There was no irritation and no excess oil. After our dip our skin felt soft and hydrated – and our minds clear, calm and collected.

In  A Nutshell 

We really loved using these wonderful bath salts. The mix of fresh lime and traditional lavender made the perfect aroma for rest and relaxation. Our muscles were well rested and our skin felt supple and soft.

Having these bath salts in our cupboards encouraged us to have more baths – and take more time out of our busy work and social schedule to make time for us.

Hugely under ratted, bath salts are now firmly on top of our bathing list and we have a feeling we’ll be using them up pretty quickly!


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