Perfect Beach Feet

Tis the season for sandals and flip flops which means it’s time to make sure your feet are pedicured to perfection. No one wants to see dry skin and hard heels, no thank you very much.
You don’t have to fork out a fortune to get your feet looking beach worthy, instead follow our top tips to ensure your feet are looking as good as your footwear.
Exfoliate Hard Skin
Invest in a good quality pumice stone or a very coarse exfoliator. Soak your feet first in warm soapy water, this helps to soften the skin prior to exfoliation. Using your pumice stone work the areas of your feet where you suffer from skin hardening, being careful not to over exfoliate. Always finish with a foot cream
Treat Your Cuticles
Your toes have cuticles too, make sure you give them the respect they deserve and treat them like you would your fingers. Regular cuticle trimming and oiling will ensure your toe nails are healthy and tidy.
Buff Away Ridges
If you have thicker toes nails use a buffing block to buff away lines and ridges, then you can flip it around and use the shine side to give your nails a healthy sheen. This keeps your nails looking clean and in good condition.
Keep Them Short
Long nails on your feet are not a good look. Keep them short, neat and tidy, and all the same length. Cutting them regularly will ensure they all look well kept.
Prep and Polish

Avoid polish staining by using a good undercoat before you apply your nail colour, and use a top coat too! This will help keep chipping to a minimum. And on the note of chips, they are not okay. They are never okay. So make sure you keep on top of your toe polish game.

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